Sunday, March 22, 2015

Famous Last Words for Week 9

Spring break is almost over :( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I just find it cruel that all of my professor's have BIG assignments due the week after spring break, so on my last day to enjoy break I'm forced to work ceaselessly on homework.

Get this on the Tuesday after spring break I have: an 18 page paper due, a 20 minute presentation in Spanish with a group and then a big assignment due in my design class where I have to design a direct mailer on behalf of the OU Recruitment Services.

So if I can just make it Wednesday at 12:00 p.m., I'll have survived one of the toughest weeks of my semester.

Spring break was fun while it last though.  I visited Las Vegas with my parents.  This was the first time I had ever been and the trip was filled with so much excitement and adventure.  I have a friend from high school that moved to Las Vegas for college, so I got to see her and she was basically my guide around the city.  We had not seen each other in almost two years!  So I consider myself lucky to have been able to see her this past week and catch up.

The standalone craziest thing that happened to me in Las Vegas was getting pulled on stage with a standup comedian at the Laugh Factory.  Harry Basil pulled me out of the audience to reenact famous scenes from classic movies like Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Gravity and Ghostbusters.  It cemented this spring break as one of the craziest vacations in my life.  Below is a picture my mom snapped of the moment.  What happens in Vegas… may be too unbelievable for people to take you seriously without pictures.

(Personal photo taken of me on stage at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada in March 2015)


  1. Hello again!
    I am stuck in the same exact situation as you! I have SO MUCH STUFF due this week!! 
    It’s so awesome you got to see you friends, spend time with your family, AND see Las Vegas all in one trip! I would love to see Las Vegas, but I figure it isn’t worth the trip until I am old enough to gamble there. I’ll be twenty-one in less than a month, though! I bet the comedy club was super exciting for you! I would have been SO awkward; I am NOT a crowd person, haha. I hope you had fun!

  2. I never want spring break to end! I agree all of my professors are pretty cruel, I have two exams and a presentation also. I even had to turn assignments in online over the break. You week does sound crazy, but I know you will make it through fine! I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas, and I hope to get there soon! It’s pretty cool that you were picked to go on stage, I hope you had a blast!

  3. Wonderful. Vegas is a pretty crazy place to be. Good for you!