Sunday, March 1, 2015

Famous Last Words for Week 7

Well it has been one of the most exciting weeks of my life.

Firstly, I turned twenty-one years old on Monday(!!!) and I was so happy to celebrate with my wonderful friends.  It was one of my roommate's birthday as well, so we got to celebrate together and we had a lot of fun.  Our apartment was decorated and there was a snow day and I got to miss my one class of the day.  My other roommate even made us a cake :)

(Personal photo of me and my roommate blowing out candles on our 21st birthday taken February 2015.)

Also, I experienced a birthday miracle.  My 10-page paper that was supposed to be due at 9am the day after my birthday was pushed back to Thursday because of the snow.  It was awesome to not slave over editing my paper on my birthday and was a HUGE relief to have more time to work on it.

Then the week really picked up and I had to catch up on assignments that I neglected to finish last week.  Thankfully, I got them all done and completed a huge assignment in my Publications class where we designed our very own business cards and letterheads from scratch!

After this week, the craziness is starting to die down and I'm beginning to have some free time.  I don't even know what to do with myself!  I guess this would mean that I successfully survived my Junior year midterms.

All I can think about now is spring break and how amazing it would be to get some assignments done before then so I can use the break to relax.  Most of my teachers have assigned their next big grades due the week after it!  Fingers crossed I can buckle down and work on my assignments ahead of time.

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