Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 9 Reading Diary A: Starting The Mahabharata

This is a Reading Diary that details my thoughts from pages 1-39 of The Mahabharata retold by R.K. Narayan.  

  • I'm especially glad that there are reading guides to go along with this book because I just started it and I'm already getting all of the names mixed up!
  • This is a harsh punishment for stealing a cow…
  • Stealing the cow did not work out to well for Bhishma.  I don't know why he things stealing daughters from a swayamvara is a good idea.
  • They have a very strange solution to the problem of not having an heir...
  • First time that I've heard of a mantra for obtaining sons from gods…
  • Karna is one letter off from Karma.  I'm suspicious.    
  • Karna has a similar upbringing to Moses.
  • So now Pandu basically has the children of gods.  
  • Madri most be irresistible.  
  • Wow the sister of a dangerous rakshasa falls in love with the hero.  Influenced by the Ramayana?  
  • Draupadi gets 5 husbands!!!! Wow normally it's the men in this time who can have multiple spouses and not the wives!

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