Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 10 Reading B: The War Begins

This is a Reading Diary that details my thoughts from pages 133-179 of The Mahabharata retold by R.K. Narayan. 

  • I hate Duryodhana.  He is the new Ravana. 
  • Is that really supposed to make a mother feel better?  Don't worry I'll only attack one of your sons.  
  • NOOOOOOOO. Bhishma.  Dang it Arjuna fight honorably.  
  • Oh Krishna sneaky sneaky.  Reminds of a scene in the movie Hocus Pocus where they trick the witches into thinking it's sunrise by shining car lights through the window.  
  • So I guess invincible weapons break after one use?
  • For Krishna who first wanted to make peace before the war, he's fighting dirty.  
  • Woah Bhima.  Early vampire?  
  • Should've listened to Krishna.  He is merciless.  
  • Does Krishna get karma for lying and killing everyone?!
  • Moral of the story: Never kill ANY animals. 
  • Well.  I guess being killed because you were mistaken for an animal is the perfect karma.

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