Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Writing Review

The writing assignments are the main reason I enrolled in this class.  I love writing.  Creative writing is so fun to me, I love creating or adapting a story and then making it my own.  So all of the past storytelling assignments I look back on fondly.  I really appreciate that this class lets us students write creatively but doesn't stress us out to the max.  I feel like that is something very unique about this class and I'm glad I have this opportunity in college, because I was really starting to miss the creative writing classes I took in high school.

Much of the feedback from peers is very helpful!  However, I feel that some students have become power-hungry and search your stories for any tiny error to bring up to you.  I appreciate it when anyone helps perfect my story by finding errors, but I don't appreciate people reading my story to basically grade me themselves.  Sometimes I feel like people lose sight of my story because they're too set on correcting me.

(Picture of a 1796 oil painting done by J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) entitled “Fishermen at Sea.”  Source: Wikipedia.)

This is my favorite picture from my storytelling posts and it was actually my first!  I wrote my story and incorporated a big contrast between light and dark.  Then I found this picture that captured that contrast PERFECTLY and had a fishing boat and a stormy sea.  It felt like fate.  I feel like this image added a lot to my story.  


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    1. I totally feel you on missing creative writing! I finished my college English courses in high school & took a creative writing class my freshman year in college, but haven't done much creative writing since. And I LOVE to write too! This class has been fun & I've really enjoyed retelling stories & reading other people's retellings. It doesn't feel as much like work as assignments for my other classes tend to.

      I will definitely keep the stories I write in this class around for the rest of my life, and look back at them from time to time. I am so glad I chose to take this class as well.

      I am so guilty of pointing out errors often, heh. I was originally a professional writing major & have done a lot of editing (even before college, I volunteered as an editor for a nature learning center's magazine), so I am now in the habit of reading as an editor. Seriously, even when I read a book I notice every single error, lol. I try to be helpful overall, but sometimes I may focus too much on editing out of habit. I forget that a lot of people are not used to that kind of critique & may not always take it as I intend. I do, however, read the stories as a regular reader as well & really build up an image of each story as I read. I even deleted the first version of this comment to edit it LOL.

      That is a beautiful picture; I love the colors & lighting! It's very surreal.

  2. Jenny,

    I definitely agree with everything you said about the writing aspect of this class. It's super fun! And not too stressful. Which I think is not common among most college classes. I never did much creative writing before this class, so I was kind of nervous about it, but it's really cool! I didn't even think I really liked writing, but this class has changed my mind. I've been telling all of my friends to take it because I like it so much.

    I really like the picture you posted! The light and dark theme definitely comes through. I went back and read your story from Week 1, and you're right! The picture goes so well with it! It's a great story, and the picture accents it wonderfully!