Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 5 Reading Diary A: Shurpanakha We Meet Again

This is a Reading Diary that details my thoughts from pages 110-116 of the Ramayana retold by William Buck.  

  • I guess if you were going to have your kingdom wrongfully taken away from you, Bharata is the best person to receive it.  
  • Aren't these people alive for like 60,000+ years?  14 years of exile seems pretty short..
  • Dantes was imprisoned for 14 years in The Count of Monte Cristo.  Ironic.  
  • Ooooh.  A warning about the dangerous demon Ravana.  Foreshadowing…
  • Is Sita just there to get abducted?  
  • A main difference between these two tales are the demons.  There are a lot more demon stories in this version.  
  • I can't stand Shurpanakha.  
  • I didn't like Shurpanakha in the earlier version, and this part of the epic is basically the same.  So I still don't like her. 

(Rama Spurns The Demon Lover from Wikipedia.)

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