Monday, February 16, 2015

Reading Diary A: Folktales of Bengal

This Reading Diary details my thoughts from reading Folk-Tales of Bengal by the Rev. Lal Behari Day, with illustrations by Warwick Goble (1912).  I read the stories The Evil Eye of Sani, The Boy whom Seven Mothers Suckled and The Origin of Opium.  

  • This is the first story that I've read where the gods go to a human to decide a problem.  
  • I already see some similarities to the Ramayana.  The wife wants to follow her ill-fortuned husband into exile.  
  • Looks like all of the couple's good luck draws a lot of bad attention. 
  • Another similarity to Rama, Sribatsa has his wife kidnapped.  
  • Thanks to her good luck she became ugly so she would not lose her chastity…
  • It seems that his wife got the brunt of all the misfortune in this story.  I mean she was prisoner for a VERY long time.  
  • Wow switch out the mangoes for rice and you have King Dasartha.
  • Ok this story took a very dark child-eating kind of turn.
  • The boy is very clever.  He does not act too hastily.  He carefully plots his opportunity to ruin the evil Queen.  
  • Wow I was very surprised with the happy ending.  I did not think every thing would work out!
  • Well the mouse is certainly working his way up the food chain. 
  • Well I guess the mouse/elephant is sexist.  
  • I feel like the opium tie in was just thrown in at the end… That did not make any sense.  
(Image used in The Origin of Opium from the Untextbook.)

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