Friday, January 23, 2015

Indian Epics: Topics Brainstorming

Possible Topics -

1. Sita's Abduction.  After reading that the demon Ravana fell in love with Sita before he abducted her I've become very interested in their dynamic.  I feel like there is a lot you could do with that situation in a storybook.  Could she eventually experience Stockholm Syndrome?  Or would she just detest him the entire time?  Her situation reminds me of Persephone and Hades from Greek mythology.  The possibilities to maybe do a crossover or reference Persephone in Lanka are intriguing.  I feel like there's a lot of potential here and this is the most interesting topic to me.   
Research.  I know quite a bit about Greek mythology as well as the story of Persephone and I feel like they have many similarities  Both Sita and Persephone were daughters of nature who were kidnapped from loved ones by someone who intended to marry them.  They were both forced to live in dark kingdoms with Ravana being a demon and Hades being god of the underworld.  
2. Rama as a child.  Rama is often described as perfect, but I really don't think he started out that way! I feel like it would be interesting to see him as a child because the story jumps from when he was born to when he was old enough to marry.  This wouldn't just be about Rama but all of his brothers growing up.  
Research.  While browsing a Wikipedia page on Kooni (who is also called Manthara) I noticed a section talking about a young Rama.  It talks about how when Rama was playing a game he accidentally broke Kooni's knee.  I found this really interesting because up until this point I did not see Rama as a character that had made any mistakes.  I feel like exploring Rama's adolescence and immaturity would be a new perspective on him.  And since there are so many storybooks set in modern day I feel like this idea could easily transition from past to present.  

3. Ahalya's solitude.  Another interesting topic would be to write a storybook about Ahalya's point of view when she's trapped in the slab.  It could feature stories of her thinking back about her life, or even her witnessing other epic stories happening in front of her.  
Research.  The story of Indra seducing Ahalya would be interesting because she would be looking back on it with a guilty conscience.  She could also observe Rama's battles of slaying Thataka or her son, as this occurs just before he releases Ahalya from the curse.  The story of Rama and Sita's meeting happens just after she is released, so maybe Ahalya could catch a glimpse of young love.  I feel like she would have some interesting thoughts on love after being imprisoned for 100 years.  

4. Ravana in Lanka.  Vayu and Agni used to live freely as gods but now they are Ravana's slaves.  For some reason this makes me think of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  I feel like a storybook could revolve around Vayu and Agni acting as Lumiere and Cogsworth with Ravana living as the Beast who gets his life interrupted by Belle (Sita).
Research.  I am quite familiar with Beauty and the Beast having watched it over and over since childhood.  Many of the other storybooks have reimagined the tales of Ravana, Rama and Sita.  I feel like this would be another way to tell their story.  

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