Sunday, January 25, 2015

Famous Last Words For Week 2

Thinking back on this past week I got to do some of my favorite things!  Classes were canceled, games were attended, board games were played, movies were watched and laughs were had.

Last Saturday I attended the bedlam basketball game where OU had an easy victory over OSU.  It was a lot of fun and one of my first basketball games since working for the OU Athletic Department last year.  I definitely got a headache from being seated by a group of students who started the chants for the entire student section! But it was well worth it.  I looked on the Twitter handle of the OU Men's basketball team after the game, and there was a picture of the team high-fiving fans!  Can you find me?

(Photo from @OU_MBBall)

On Friday I went to see the movie Selma.  I highly recommend that everyone go and watch it.  It's heartbreaking but just goes to show how AMAZING the people who organized civil rights movements were.  And that's the thing that I really took away from it, they were just people but they did AMAZING things.  At one point in the film when someone is arguing and saying that they've done all that they can do for the movement.  Martin Luther King Jr., who was played by David Oyelowo, says that he's just a preacher from Atlanta and look what he accomplished.  I was blown away by the simplicity of how change only needs one person.  

During this week we got to see some early signs of spring!  And also a little bit of snow.  Only in Oklahoma do you have a snowy mornings followed by a wonderful weekend of sun.  After spending the weekend playing board games, cards and eating good food, it's due time to catch up on the homework I have been procrastinating.  In one of my other classes I actually have to do blog posts as well.  So this semester I'll be running two blogs and absorbing all of the tech and design information I should already know.  


  1. Jenny, I just happened to notice your post here, and that is SO COOL about your Twitter moment. You have achieved Twitter fame!!! Thank you for sharing that here! :-)

  2. You week sounds fun! I am so jealous that you had some of your classes canceled, because for me at least, canceled classes means nap time, or time to sleep in. A weekend playing games and eating food sounds like it would be wonderful; I myself spent the entire weekend at a speech tournament being super busy. I have seen so many people raving about Selma, and I have wanted to see it. I need to put it on my to-do list. Having to run two different blogs four your two classes sounds like a lot of work, and I hope that it goes well for you!