Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Famous Last Words For Week 13

This is going to be my final Famous Last Words post for this class.  I am ahead of schedule and should be finishing up Indian Epics this week!  People thought I was crazy when I spent the last week of winter break working on all the assignments I could before this semester even started, but look at me now. Haha.  I can't believe my junior year is almost over.  Time really does fly by.  What in the world am I going to do when I'm not going to school anymore?!  How can you just stop going to school for forever...

Anyways, to finish this class I just have to do one more revision of my storybook.  I'm so happy to complete it!  The entire story was just a tiny idea and then it snowballed into something I'm truly proud to claim I wrote.  (Because there are some writings I am not proud to claim that I wrote.)  If you're curious click on this link to check out my storybook.  It combines the Greek mythology character of Persephone with the story of Sita being trapped in Lanka! 

This past week I was so lazy I barely got any homework done.  However, I did have a lot of fun with my friends!  I can't believe I'm about to leave all of these people for an entire summer.  I'll miss them so much.  Below is a picture during one of the nights my friends and I went out. 

(Personal photo taken in April 2015)

I'm so glad that I made a bunch of these posts.  I know in the future I'll be happy to look back at them and see my old college days through my own words.  It's hard to keep up with a diary or something but these extra credit posts gave me the motivation to actually do them!  Hopefully, I will do some more of these posts next semester in Mythology and Folklore.  Until next time my friends. 

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