Sunday, April 5, 2015

Famous Last Words for Week 11

The eleventh week of the semester has come to a close!! Only a few more weeks to go before I finish my junior year at OU.  This week was absolutely beautiful!  However, during the weekend the weather turned pretty chilly and a little rainy. 

I came home this weekend to celebrate Easter and my mother's birthday with my family.  My older sister even drove up from Austin to see us.  I haven't seen her since Christmas!  Austin is about a 7.5 hour drive, if anyone was curious. 

I spent most of the weekend with my family since we don't get to all be together very often.  On Saturday we drove downtown to eat dinner at a trendy restaurant with a nice patio and then went to an old fashioned bowling alley! 

Even though my sister and I are pretty much adults now, our parents still put on an Easter egg hunt for us!  Except this time there was more than just candy in the eggs, there was MONEY!  This was the first time they had ever put money in them and let's just say we were a lot more competitive this year compared to last year.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pull off a victory like I did last year and my sister found more eggs than me...  Oh well I still got free money.  Below is a picture of my family enjoying Easter Sunday. 

(Personal photo taken of my family and me in April 2015.)

 The semester has started to wind down, so I haven't been slammed with nearly as much homework as I have had these past few weeks.  It came at just the right time because I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family. 

This next week I'll be trying to get ahead in my classes while also finishing up this class.  But I am already enrolled in Mythology and Folklore, so I will be with other students from this class next semester! 

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  1. Jenny,

    I’m super jealous of your Easter egg hunt! I feel your pain on not getting to see your sister very often. I basically only see my family on bigger breaks (winter, just a week of summer, thanksgiving, and sometimes spring break). I’ve really grown to cherish my family time.

    Cool you’re taking Mythology and Folklore! I’m sure it will be as awesome as this class!

    Your family photo is very nice :)